Month: September 2022

U turn

This is my literacy task for today. This story is about a boy and his mother trying to return some books that their dad has taken from the library. The mother took the books to the librarian but she told them that this is the wrong library and so then they get a find but the mother thinks that the librarian is being injustice to her. hope you enjoy

Last Thursday Mana ako was invited to Ōtara fresh gallery for an art exhibition. The name of the exhibition was “My Dream Called Sike.” First we were introduced to the hosts they were very helpful when it came to explaining the paintings and where they were from and who they were. Some of the painting designs were very good and some of the paintings were weird and one of the paintings even had random abstract shapes on it. After looking at the paintings we were in a room with a couch and a projector. The projector was playing a digital artwork of a teddy bear with emotions.  We had to guess what the bear was feeling. After that they took us to the tables where we had to cut some pictures out then we glued the pictures onto a white sheet of paper. After we finished that they fed us then we said our goodbyes and left. I really recommend coming to Ōtara fresh gallery and I give it a 10 out of ten